Music is a big part of my design process, and since I have absolutely no musical talent (voice, nor instrument) I use my design skills to make mix tape covers and playlists on Designers.MX and Spotify. It's my only shot at being a jukebox hero.

I hope you enjoy the mixes below.


Stranger Things:
Season 2

"One Thing Leads To Another"  Dark undertones, manic riffs, driving synthesizers - An early look at a Season 2 score and what may be on Jonathan Byers' latest mixtape and the emotions behind it.

Watch the trailer or listen to the mix at:


Major Tom & Other Intergalactic Tales

A collection of songs from the Space Rock genre spanning from its glory days to the present.

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20 Years Late for a John Hughes Film

Songs that would fit perfectly on a John Hughes' movie soundtrack, but were recorded 20+ years too late.

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There are two types of people. There is crazy and there is you.

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A mix complete with bands made up of two members. It takes two to make a thing go right.

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A musical collection with an earthy sound. We were made to create. Raw. Clay. In the hands of our Potter. Creative by Design.

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