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Stranger Things:
Season 2 Tribute

In celebration of the Stranger Things Season 2 announcement, I designed a Season 2 mixtape cover, playlist, and motion graphics trailer to boot. You can listen, watch, and read about the process in my journal.


The Design Life Of

Shane Helm

I lead design as Chief Creative Officer for Engage, a Washington D.C. based digital agency, and specialize in user interface design while also focusing on user experience design and branding. I have been designing for the web since 1997 and have lived a life of creativity. It is my passion and it fuels my every day.



One of the joys as a designer is seeing your work 'in the wild', however that is sometimes short lived. My artboard is where I keep some of my proudest design moments of the past few years.


Who am I to be blessed with a talent and not share the inspiration, process, and ideas behind my design work? My journal is where I share my design passions and also my interests.


I've been on the design conference speaking route lately and have some upcoming dates. I hope to see you at a conference soon and get to know more about the design you do and what interests you.


I enjoy music while I design and as part of the day-to-day creative experience, I make playlists with custom designed mix covers. View some of them in my online Jukebox and enjoy the rhythm.


Hi, I'm Shane

I champion causes & elevate brands by giving them visual life through interactive design & creative direction. 


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Design is essential to our modern way of life. Without it, we would not know how to operate an elevator, when our fuel tanks are reaching empty, or how to catch a ride in an unfamiliar city. Design changes everything, ideally making objects and interfaces intuitive to use. It is my passion to design interfaces that create a more pleasant experience on the web.








Hoth 2026



Seen That

From 2011–2013, I worked on a side project titled Seen That with friends John Perkins and Thanh Nguyen. The site gives its users the ability to log all the movies they've seen, make movie recommendations to friends, and review and rate their favorite films. The benefits of spending time and energy on this project were intangible. We grew an online following virally, were written about in Mashable, and I personally increased in design skill which led to Google and Netflix both reaching out about a position to work on their social platform teams.


From The Jukebox

20 Years Late for a John Hughes Film

Songs that would fit perfectly on a John Hughes' movie soundtrack, but were recorded 20+ years too late. Listen to the mix by shanehelm at:




It's important for growth to have pet projects you do just for fun to keep up your skills and where you have final say on design. As someone who turned five in 1977 seeing Star Wars in the theatre and now a huge Rogue One fan, TRUPR was just that fun little project I needed to keep up my UI skills.

Stay tuned. More to come ...






From time to time, I am asked to speak at events and conferences. See my schedule for upcoming dates.




I work as Chief Creative Officer for Engage, 'a digital agency with a purpose' located in Alexandria, VA. At Engage I have had the opportunity to do UI/UX work for two Australian prime minister campaigns, Washington D.C.'s bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics, Smithsonian Zoo, two redesigns for, the intranet the House Republicans use while in session, and many other conservative and libertarian leaning advocacy groups and House committee websites.  

We will be launching a new Engage website soon. If you need digital strategy for political, public policy, or advocacy work, please look us up. We're here to help!



Work In Progress

You can always view my work-in-progress by following me on Instagram